Friday, 3 July 2020

whales go back to it's habitat story

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One day I was thinking about something. I said “since blue whales always get captured where do people put it” so i wanted to find that one question out so i asked people who had fishing equipment because they obviously would catch something big.  Then the first person said “I know what they do, they capture them.

that's it” then i said “no after they capture it, next” the next person said “wow” that’s a hard question um i know”. Then i said next because he talked for way too long then another person came and he said “they KILL! Them”. so i said “wow, yeah that explains a lot actually” then i went on the news and said “let the whales back to the oceans”,

Then after like 5 hours I look outside and see people chanting “they’re  snacks so don’t put them back” and they repeatedly say it over and over. Then someone finally took a stand and said “they’re not snacks so put them back” then some other people started joining in. Then people started releasing the whales back to its natural habitat then they got saved all from me. 

Fun Fact (but weird): whales are made out of margarine

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