Thursday, 2 July 2020

shark story

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One day I wanted the privilege of touching a shark or touching a great white shark because it would be dangerous until something popped up on TV, it was a show of answering one question. The question was “which shark would you want to touch” then a call just came in the answer that he said was “hi is there anyway you could get me paint” so they said just leave. Next caller came and they said “angler fish” so the people said “that’s a fish not a shark” then it was my turn' and i said “GREAT WHITE SHARK!!” so then they said “and we have a winner come meet us at a random beach.

Then the next day i got ready and i found them waiting for me, “and here is the winner” the people said and they actually got a great white shark. But we were fearless and not scared but the shark was scared of us. I don't know why until I touched and he was not scared. He was hungry for fish so I gave him one and the shark started acting nice. Then and it all ended and i went back home with a shark tooth.

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