Friday, 31 May 2019

isolation house

when i was walking in the middle of nowhere a dark rugged cottage next
to a sea line with crashing and bashing waves was there. I was shivering
of how cold it was there i heard loud banging on the front door but it
was the wind. crashing my friend Aaron called me and i went, when i
went i didn’t think about the house anymore

baboon writing

on a sunny Friday at 5:30 i came back from K.F.C it was so yum i opened my house up i went to the back so i could look at the view of the balcony. until i find out my pool has been used i saw watery fur,  i didn’t know what it was so the next day i put a camera. The baboons came again into the pool one fell of i came back. The neighbour Aaron didn’t see anything so then i checked the camera i found evidence of the baboons. I was angry that i had to clean the pool after thatmy alarm went off the baboons were inside the house to be continued...

worlds fastest train

on april friday the 13 i went to the train station with my friend Kris. after that we went on the world’s fastest train the ALFA - X so we went on. It was fast as, it was going 360 kph or 224 mph i felt like time was going backwards. The train was so speedy and rapid. 1 minute later we made it there i was confused until i found out it was the fastest train in the whole world. We were going to my friend aaron’s birthday at spookers, and today was purge day ( try not to get killed until 6 o'clock). kris was scared, i was only nervous we waited for 1 more minute at spookers for aaron and his family. Meanwhile they made it, aaron’s brother Salem was a little bit frightened so he waited for about 30 seconds. Then he came, we went inside kris was already scared we had a enjoyment gambol ( playing games). After that we had the cake it was a Fortnite cake it had a bunker Jonesy ( homeless Tfue ). With myth’s phrase ( what                          do you mean brother ) we ate it, it was yum i really liked it but kris was still outside getting scared. so we went back home. we went back on the bullet train          ( ALFA-X ) aaron went back on his car with salem. While we went back home kris was not crying anymore i was laughing. Finally we made it we still had 2 more hours for the purge, to be continued...

Monday, 27 May 2019


today my dimc problem was about degrees not hotness directions and this was my math question

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Monday, 20 May 2019

Thursday, 16 May 2019

directions in maori

today i learnt directions in maori these were my ones

Left, maui
Right, tika
Up, ake
Horizontal, whakapae
North, raki
East, rawhiti
South, tonga
Down, ki raro
vertical, poutu
West, i te hauauru
North west, raki i te hauauru
South west, tonga i te hauauru
North east, raki rawhiti
South east, tonga rawhiti

Friday, 10 May 2019

dimc week two

this was my dimc for this week

dimc week two

this was my dimc for this week 


this was my dimc for this week

map maths task

blue panet 2 writing

this week my class room 10 had a challenge we had to watch a video from blue planet 2 and we had to hear all the words that the person said these were the ones i heard Isolation, Astonishing, mountainest, bulging, drent, combination, range, further south, eastern side, diversity, briten, western side, gnarled, mushed jungle, ancestry and landscape


Thursday, 9 May 2019

a hidden temple

on a creepy saturday morning i woke up i got bored bored so i went outside until i found a deep dark cave. i did not know where it leads to so i used a long rope that i found in the backyard i brang it. Meanwhile i was at the cave i went in with a flashlight i saw a hidden temple i was shocked to see that i felt like indiana jones in a lost temple. There was a lot of traps i found a shoe and a long old root that looked like dislocated leg between a brick wall and a wooden wall. I tried to find a exit i saw arrow dispensers poison traps so i had to follow directions to get out. There were three doors one said very scary another said scariest and the last one said scary as. So i didn’t enter any of them, i saw a lot of shattered smashed bricks and a lot of cut wood. And vines were stuck on the temple they were stranded until i found a way out i just go back out the cave and i made it.

Thursday, 2 May 2019