Tuesday, 30 June 2020

design a warning sign

Angles 2

fishing trip

Start writing here:
One day there was a person that was me. I always wanted to explore the sea and look for a manatee so I said “yes that’s exactly what i should do” it was too dark so i had to go to sleep. Then the next day I got on my little Yacht and went off to sea.

Then I got there, I actually didn’t know where I was going so I found myself in the middle of the ocean. There were a lot of fish in the ocean (obviously) but then there were a lot of sharks as well but I caught them first then I hopped in. i caught all the sharks i could see then i hopped in the water and found one more shark.

So i replied and said “MEH” so the shark swam away then i found the one and only fish, the manatee was in a coral reef somewhere 10 miles east of the ocean so i went there and took photos.

manatee presentation

west indian manatee facts

Monday, 29 June 2020

turtle tracking device

Angles of shapes

turtle swimming writing

Start writing here:
One day i was  fishing for some fish until i was wondering “would it be cool if i
could go scuba diving and i could see a green sea turtle”? So i was like “yeah
i should” and the boat captain was like “no you shouldn't” so i was like “why
not”. then he was like “because this is mine” so i was like “well i’m gonna
get you fired” so he was like “okay”. 

Then the next day we went on the boat and went off to the ocean. Then I
jumped in. It was so cool seeing a turtle but then i see something else is it
not a wall is it not a shark wait noooo it’s a shark.


sea turtle presentation

green sea turtle facts

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

three scout badges

addition and subtraction problems

WW1 dog breeds

Start writing here:
A malinois dog breed is a very cool dog that can smell stuff from 50 meters
away and it can run very fast. It looks like a german shepherd and the species
is a canine. An english springer spaniel is a dog that is 25 kg and it is 48-56
cm tall and they can be black & white, orange & white and red & white. 

The lurcher is the offspring of a sighthound mated with another type, most
commonly a pastoral breed or a terrier. Historically a poacher's dog, lurchers
in modern times are used as pets, hunting dogs and in racing. And they are

A retriever is a gun dog that retrieves something for a hunter. It’s lifespan is
10-14 years and they are 56-63 cm tall and their length is 69cm long. 

WW1 presentation

WWI animal facts

Friday, 19 June 2020

four items on the titanic

submarine and titanic animation

measuring problems

i survived the titanic

Survivor description:  i survived on a lifeboat 

How old were you when you were on the Titanic?
What was the purpose for your trip on the Titanic?
To go to new york
Describe what cabin was like aboard the Titanic:
1st class cabin is very very good one
Who were you on the Titanic with?
The people and the captain
Describe what happened when you felt the ship hit the iceberg:
I yelled ahhh what a waste of money
How did you get to the lifeboat?
I went on the millionaires boat
What were you thinking and feeling as the lifeboat was being lowered into the sea?
Aww dammit my lobster is still on the ship
What impact has this had on your life since being saved from the Titanic?
Yas i survived
How did it feel to waste money
How does it feel to not eat your dinner

titanic aftermath and discovery

Thursday, 18 June 2020

titanic sinking animation

CM to MM

titanic Astor

Start Writing below:

As the ship sailed off I thought it’s gonna be nice in 1st class nothing could
ever go wrong. On this trip the ship sailed across some giant rocks. There was
some nice food in first class like seafood and lobsters and seafood.

Until something happened, oh my goddess, that's a giant lobster and it was for
me because I was the richest guy on the ship. Then I saw even more rocks;
they were as big as a volcano crater. I had a bad feeling about this, maybe an
iceberg would appear out of nowhere.

And that’s what exactly happened so i hopped on a boat called millionaires
boat it’s where the richest people on the boat would go. Then I survived and
the ship sank to the floor and I was sad. Because i didn’t have the chance to
eat that lobster then other boats came by and saved everyone

the titanic presentation sinking

titanic sinking facts

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

my cool iceberg

measure it task

titanic story

Start Writing below:

“Ah this is gonna be a smooth ride for everyone like there will be no dangerous things that will temporarily
sink this gigantic boat down in the Atlantic ocean” there were 4 people trying to warn me about a so
called iceberg but i ignored it. Then something happened and it was getting bigger and bigger each minute. Mmmm giant lobsters in first class look yummy so i ate one then i went back to the ship ah a
giant iceberg. 

The ship was going as fast as a bullet and it was heading towards the iceberg so I tried to turn the ship
but the steering wheel broke off. It turned a tiny bit but then it made a hole in the bottom of the ship so I
warned everyone. the ship got hit then i told everyone we need to evacuate the people “pssh psh
everyone we need to get on a lifeboat  at this instant. 

There were only 19 lifeboats because someone left 45 of them and everyone panicked so they jumped
on a lifeboat to be saved. There was a lifeboat called millionaires boat that's where all the first class
people went. then the ship broke in half then it sank.

hitting the titanic

iceberg facts

Friday, 12 June 2020

africa drawing

Time 4.0

lion story

Start Writing below:

The mother of the cubs were picking up the cub with its jaw and the cub really liked it. The cub was very
cute when the mother picked her up with her mouth. The lions didn’t have much fur but they were still
big, the cubs were fighting each other for fun but then they started biting each other but they were only

Then the kids were still fighting for a long time. Then they were bored so they wanted to play with their
mother because they were energetic, then one cub hid in the bushes and pounced on the other cub. The
mother was licking one of the cubs just to clean them.

Then they were playing again until the dad came out of nowhere and told them to go to sleep. So one
cub came and snuggled up with the dad and got comfortable to go to sleep. So the cub layed down
peacefully and went to sleep.

lion presentation

lion facts

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

cool swimming pool design

whats the time Mr wolf

black caiman story

Start Writing below:

The motor of a boat went faster but someone was trying to push it, there were 2 people going there, they
made it to the amazon. Then they went in and found some killers. They saw the baby black caimans
hiding in the leaves to try and bite them. They weren't long but they were deadly, there were 3 of the
caimans there and they were running away for some reason, they were a little spiky but they were still

There were way more babies but they were just going back to their mother for a sleep. Their tails were
wagging a lot, the mother had some teeth and the caimans were cute and creepy at the same time.
Then they went for a nice rest with their mum. 

Suddenly there was one more baby just staying there. Then the people got closer and closer to the
creature and the baby called for help. Then the mother came running so then the people ran as fast as
they could to the boat and they left back home and the creature was gone.Black Caiman | River Monsters Wiki | Fandom

black caiman presentation

black caiman facts

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

snake scratch

telling the time

cobra story

Start Writing below:

There were 2 people talking, one person was the one who wasn’t scared of taking the creature out and
the other one was the one who did the talking. The cobra was slithering around but his fangs were not
there, and around the one who pulled him out, pulled his tail which made the snake angry. The snake ran to him trying to bite him but he
ran then the snake stared at the talking person and just waited there.

He tried to make eye contact but he was too scared and tried to kick it. The snake was confused then
the snake just went along with it then he got the camera. He tried to do closer footage of the snake and
he did, the snake was harmless when he saw the camera.

Until the snake wasn’t staring at the camera he was staring at the guy who was talking. The guy was
kinda scared. Then they were just staring at each other for a long time. Then they stopped with a bye
bye and the cobra was finally looking at the camera too.

but first they did one more thing they were being careful and anxious on doing this they did a staring
contest it was him versus the snake. the man looked intimidating, he was petrified at staring at the snake.
but at the blink of an eye the snake tried to attack but it failed again. so then they ended it there and the
man was super shocked.

cobra presentation

king cobra fats

Monday, 8 June 2020

jungle for gorilla

gorilla story

Start Writing below:

There was a baby gorilla looking scared so the mother (or dad) came and saw these gorillas surrounding
the baby. The baby was scared then when the gorillas surrounded him then the mum (or dad) came and
started making the other gorillas scared. So the gorillas went aside the giant gorilla and another gorilla
went to get something.

Then some other baby gorillas came in and they started to do that chest punching thing that they always
do and the other baby was confused. So the baby started copying and he did the chest punching like a
robot. So then the baby teaching him was like “no do it like this not like that” then he didn’t copy it.

Then the baby gorilla pushed one over (not to hurt him) and he climbed up the tree that was above the
pushed over gorilla. Then the gorilla made it up. He started doing the chest punching above him and he
started looking up and laughing. 

telling the time


gorilla presentation

gorilla facts

Friday, 5 June 2020

pompeii picture

subtraction strategy

pompeii eruption story

Dear Diary, 
What an unforgettable day!  I was busy collecting water from the well, when the
sun mysteriously disappeared from the sky.

I looked up and saw dark grey clouds so I yelled “ahh the volcano erupted. The
bells went ”bing bong” so everyone panicked and there was no shelter. The
volcano started getting louder and louder. 

And then volcanic rocks started pouring down and there was no escape.Then
someone said yes “there is an escape. We use the fire extinguisher to make the
fire go”. 

so everyone got one and started the guy said “why isn’t it working” then
someone said “of course it didn’t work what did you think was gonna happen”. '
“Well we were destroyed” then they started panicking a lot. Until the volcano
came speeding then they came to sudden death.

Then the volcano took over Pompeii then everyone went to a better place.
Then pompeii became a wonder of the world. Everything went back to normal
except for the people they got medusad.

pompeii presentation

pompeii facts

Thursday, 4 June 2020

checklist 04 of june

Checklist - Wednesday Week 8
Must Do’s
Blog URL
  • Find out 4 facts.
*Note supported tasks are not meant for everyone. Ask your teacher if you should do it.
  • Read the article.

  • Do further research and reading.

  • Do the research task.
  • Complete the writing.
  • Calendar task
Should Do’s
Blog URL
  • Complete the task
  • Extra tasks.
Chapter Book
  • Read David Walliams audio book.