Monday, 20 July 2020

Italy story narrative

One day i wanted to visit the Colosseum and taste test on the pizza so i packed some stuff, also it was the Christmas 2 month holiday so yeah. I went on the plane and I got there. There were a lot of people there and I couldn't stand all those people so I went to look at the pizza first then go to the Colosseum and hopefully not many people would be there.

The pizza was very delicious and delightful and I wanted another one but some already took the last one probably because it was charming and yummy. Then I went to the Colosseum and there was no one there till I looked at an opening shop with the best pizza’s but I didn't want one. I had a camera and took a photo but as soon as I saw a no taking pictures sign I gasped louder than a car and saw a bunch of police cars.

The police crowd was enormous and humongous and they chased after me. Then I saw a police officer who was a police officer and I framed him to be the criminal and he went to jail then kept running. I had a flight so i could go back home to Auckland and be done with this and i did then i never went to Italy again.

I have another flight tomorrow somewhere cool!.

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