Wednesday, 12 December 2018

drone writing

At 11:40 after morning tea some of the people from the block went outside with
Mr Moran to film his last movie for something. he needed some year 4 kids from
our class he took us outside the fun part about us doing that was flying a drone.
as people from our class was flying it they thought it was like them being a pilot
the drone was flying like superman as the people were controlling the drone.
Everyone had so  much fun Mr Moran almost finished the filming. He just needed
to tell everyone the controls there was a left and right joystick it’s just like using a
Xbox or Ps4 controller. G.P.S stands for Global Positioning System it’s like a
tracker that tracks any place. Your car has a G.P.S your phone has a G.P.S and
your drone has a G.P.S a drone is always humming while it’s flying it is very
annoying when you fly it inside. The drone was soaring as it was flying not
everyone got a turn on it and that is including me i didn’t get a turn on the drone.
And that was everything i did for after morning tea it was all fun except not flying a
drone but at least i raced it.

Monday, 10 December 2018

christmas beach

this is a Christmas tree at the beach me kris Carl and Hendricks made three Christmas trees at the beach.

My Dream Job

i want to be an astronaut because i really like learning about space at home and school. NASA is a place at America it's were one of the biggest space ships got launched. One of the biggest rockets got launched at NASA it was called the Apollo 11  a man called Neil Armstrong was the first person land one step on the moon.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

classroom battleships interview

What was your favourite part of our Classroom Battleships?

Throwing the pillows was so fun because Mr Moran said that they were grenades so we threw them like grenades.

What strategies did you use, why?

The strategies that we used  was to put chairs by the wall because the girls wouldn’t hit us and the chairs will be blocking us.

What was the funniest thing that happened?

It was when roman and Juliana were last and roman and Juliana hit each other first and second roman hit Juliana and Juliana missed.

What was the most challenging part of our Classroom Battleships?

The most challenging bit was that you can’t move in after five minutes

What piece of furniture was the best to use, why?

The couch was the best because i always dodge the pillows

What would you do differently next time?

I wouldn’t move or else i would be out

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Tip Top

thank you Tip Top for the ice blocks that you guys gave us they were so nice i even have some at my house because my uncle works at Tip Top. My favourite flavour was the kiwi fruit it was so delicious i didn't like the strawberry mint. thank you Tip Top

Friday, 30 November 2018

five nights at freddys story

Once in america there was a pizzeria called fazbear's fright
there were three main animatronics freddy faz moran chica
king and sharise puppet. They all were trying to haunt a night
guard that worked at a night shift. The night guard was so
frightened to work at a scary pizzeria he was shivering and he
was hungry. The pizzas were so cold that there was no
microwave and he had to stay in the office or the animatronics
would kill him. He had to stay up for until 12 am to 6 am in five
nights so that’s 6 hours in a day at night. There was a call by
someone telling
the night guard what to do and what to use there was a freddy
mask to think the animatronics are with him. There is a
flashlight when you flash it on them they just wonder back out
and finally there is doors where you can lock them out but
there’s only 50 percent power on each night. Finally the night
guard made it to the last night and the phone just said nothing
suddenly at 5 am the power ran out it was pitch black and
freddy faz moran did a song and luckily it was 6am and he
made it to the end of the week. Lastly he celebrated cause he
won $1,000 for working at the night shift when he went back
home his boss called him and he said “hello next week you
have to do five nights at freddy’s 2 and he was terrified.

Monday, 26 November 2018

visual mihi

Hi my name is chaun all i’m going to talk about is my mihi and what is the stuff that’s important to me.
All subjects (maths,writing,reading) are all important to me because i can learn different and interesting
stuff. I really like Minecraft,Fortnite and Roblox i have Minecraft on my iPad and Roblox Fortnite is on my
ps4 and they are all fun to do in my spare time. My church is important to me cause everyone has to
praise the lord it’s good that’s why we all respect god.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

design a title

Make a tile that fits the following maths ideas.

  • Alternate the small squares around the outside of the tile.
  • Place the triangles and rectangle in the centre of the tile.

What is the perimeter of a small square? 5 cm

What is the area of the yellow rectangle?10

How many small squares do you need for the tile?12

How many triangles are the same size as one rectangle?2

How many small squares fit in side of the rectangle?2

Thursday, 8 November 2018

movie review

are you into action, comedy and suspince are you tired of long american movies that don't have you in it well here's the right place to find short Maniakalani movies . i will tell you a great movie about a test there was a class room doing a test there was 4 boys they all kept waving at each other. except for 1 he just did his test. suddenly one of the boys threw a pencil at him and he started getting angry but he calmed down and he just waved that's the end of my movie review.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

tesillations math

Use this site to create your own fun tessellation.
Use the examples to help you
Insert a screenshot of your finished tessellation in the box below.

Friday, 26 October 2018


Find the area and perimeter of these shapes

What is the area? 15

What is the perimeter? 16
What is the area? 12

What is the perimeter? 14
What is the area? 4

What is the perimeter? 8
What is the area? 10

What is the perimeter? 14

fortnite reading

Should kids under 12 be allowed to play Fortnite?

Claim your position (make sure this is in a sentence):
Kids should not play this idiotic game because epic games might add in blood from the gun
and little people under twelve shouldn’t be seeing these guns (rocket launchers, minigun
, rifles, snipers, shotguns, smg)

State your reasons why you think they should, include evidence: to make the parents stop
their kids playing fortnite.

State your reasons why you think they shouldn’t, include evidence: It's the parent's fault
, they should be setting rules for their children. why are they blaming the game?
the creators can't help if their game is good, it's their job. but seriously,
parents should be enforcing rules on their kids, rather than complaining to the

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


on a blazing hot Tuesday the block went outside on the court to do something fun. This something was that we had to skip with skipping ropes it was so fun we even got points one person from each group was like a calculator. They calculate the points that our three amazing teachers give us we lined up in our four house lines but our house line went towards our class to do our skipping. Meanwhile we were done doing our skipping on that side because we had rotations but only two. Three minutes later we had a competition to pick two people 1 boy 1 girl to do relays at doing skipping and they played against each other. Our team cheered the loudest then we got 100 points and we walked back the best so then we got 140 points but i forgot what points the other 3 groups got.

Friday, 19 October 2018

the run

on Thursday afternoon the block went outside on the field to run. First we had to sit down in our team lines there were four of them. the race started we had to run to the park but not on it. we ran around to teachers the first one you still have to run and the second one you have to walk because it was line by line. but before Bronson demonstrated by showing us what to do i came second. then we did relays suddenly no one demonstrated so i didn't no what to do but someone told me what to do and i started to get the hang of it and then i came third

Thursday, 18 October 2018

rotational symmetry


i think we shouldn't move to mars because we don't have water AKA h2o on mars even if we tried to bring water it will float away

my mihi

Hi my name is chaun all i’m going to talk about is my mihi and what is the stuff that’s important to me.
All subjects (maths,writing,reading) are all important to me because i can learn different and interesting
stuff. My family is special to me because i have people to look after me at my house and people to love
me. Church is my favourite because i like reading the bible and i like reading at home.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

the roots

5 weeks ago every Tuesday the year 4 extension group went to this place called the roots. it's all about the water cycle on our big blue planet and the importance  of water being on earth. the first Tuesday we learnt that  life is water and water is life. on Tuesday week 2 we learnt about pollution why we can't pollute or else we won't have any animals in the world.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

cross country recount

On a sunny Friday Pt England School did School cross country straight after lunch and the cool thing about it is that we get to were mufti. Next the race began 3,  2,  1 as soon as Mr Burt said 1 he clapped these two wooden planks together. i sped away from my friends Aaron, kris and Carl but suddenly i saw Carl creeping up behind and Aaron came out of nowhere and boosted past me "no!" i shouted to Carl and Aaron. cone by cone i had to go past them like everyone else because the cones lead the trail i felt like i wanted to trudge because i was breathless from that long sprint i was two cones away all cones were about 10 meters away from each other. finally i past them but my feet were feeling disabled because i broke it when i almost crossed the finish line it happened when i hopped on to concrete.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Maths anti-clockwise and clockwise

If the bus left Cook’s Corner at 3pm, what time did it reach Muri Beach?

If Miss King left the Crown Beach resort at 5:42, How long was her trip to Mini Golf?

7 minutes
How long does it take to get from Muri Beach to Takitimu School on the Anti-Clockwise bus?

8 minutes
How many minutes is the Supermarket from the Airport on the Clockwise route?

3 minutes
How long does it take to get from the Whitesands Villas to Mini Golf on the Clockwise Route?

10 minutes
How long does it take from the Airport to the Supermarket on the Clockwise Route?

3 minutes
Is Muri Beach closer to Takitimu School or the Whitesands Villas?

Whitesands Villas
How many minutes did it take Miss King to get to her Crown Beach Resort from the Airport?

7 minutes
How long does each bus wait at Cook’s Corner Terminal for before starting the route again?

20 minutes
Is it quicker to use the Anti-Clockwise or Clockwise Route to get to Takitimu School from the Airport?

Clockwise Route

Monday, 17 September 2018

my elimination tag recount

on a wet Monday the block went to the park to play elimination tag but it had a twist the twist was that there were dodge balls. there was a thrower it can throw dodge balls at people there was a tagger it can tag the runner and the runners have to run away from the thrower and the fast as a cheetah i zoomed away from a tagger but a tagger came out of nowhere to tag me and i went out. finally there was the last person but he had a serious injury.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

a healthy lifstyle

We need to keep our body healthy and clean so that body’s won’t get to fat.We need to keep our body healthy and clean so that body’s won’t get to greedy and fat.We need to keep our body healthy and clean so that body’s won’t get to greedy and fat. We should go to bed a 7.00 or 8.00 or your lunch could be a cheese sandwich some fruit and a yogurt. That is all the thing you can do to get fit.

my new Duffy book

this is my Duffy book it's called i survived five epic disasters tsunami, blizzard, tornado, flood and titanic. it's from Lauren Tarshis thank you dominion constructions for donating books to Pt England School.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

adding tens and ones

Adding tens and ones
-We are learning to solve addition problems by adding tens and ones.
Adding 10s
Adding 1s

Adding 10s
Adding 1s
94+22= 116