Thursday, 6 July 2017


i am learning about how tamarereti was afraid of going past the lake

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

On Thursday room 14 made delicious fairy bread. First we had to sit on the mat and wait for all the ingredients to go on the tables the ingredients were butter’ sprinkles’ and bread. Next we went to the tables and put a glove on one hand. then  our teacher  got the plastic plates and knifes. Then we made them. First we got a piece of bread on a plate and we buttered the bread meanwhile miss davis got four new plates with sprinkles and she put them at four tables and  we dipped them on the buttered bread then we ate them i was eating it fast it was delicious.the end

i am a star

Friday, 16 June 2017


my class made patterns from lsands

tamarereti work

When it was night, there was a pitch black sky over lake taupo. In the lake there lived a huge taniwha and he could only pop out when it’s night. Then in a village there lived a brave warrior named Tamarereti and he wasn’t scared of the dark. When it was day his belly was rumbling with hunger so he had to grab his kete and he saw that there was no food, he had set off fishing. Tamarereti went fishing he caught three large fish and then he was tired so he fell asleep in the waka. The waka beached itself on land and Tamarereti woke up. He got out of the waka and set afire by a tree and he cooked his three large fish. After he ate the fish out of  the corner of his eyes he could see some shining pebbles and then he picked up as many pebbles as he could and he went into his waka. As he sailed he threw the pebbles as far as he could up in the sky so he could make a safe way home. The taniwha couldn't come because of the lights and the taniwha can’t come out when it’s light.  When he threw the glistening pebbles in the sky  they became stars.

Friday, 2 June 2017

i was learning about life jackets and how to be safe by water when your on a boat

Friday, 5 May 2017


It was so dark that no one could see anything and some people at all will tripped over things and bump into things.

A large and angry taniwha popped out of the dark  lake and everyone was still asleep and no one woke up.

Tamarereti woke up but then the taniwha was asleep because it was daytime but Tamarereti was filled with hunger.

Then he went to go fishing to get some fish.Tamarereti went to go fishing and he caught three large fish from the lake. He felt so happy because he caught some large fish and he would not be hungry any more.

Tamarereti was tired he fell asleep then the wind blew him to land after that  he woke up and he went out of the waka and he went with the three large fish.

Tamarereti made some fire and he put the three large fish in it one at a time to make it cooked fish then he saw some pebbles.

Tamarereti frew the pebbles in the waka and he went in the waka then he went out to sea with the pebble.

He frew the pebbles as hard as he could up in the sky then he went back to the village he frew the pebbles.

After he frew the pebbles they went all the way out to space and he called it the 7 sisters.