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I am still blogging … 

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Friday, 10 December 2021

My school prize giving highlights 2021

 Hi my name is chaun and 1 day ago Pt England School had prize giving,

My 1st favourite highlight was the year 8 and 7 dances, I was in the year 7 dance, I liked the year 8 dance because I like the songs in general, same goes for the year 7 dance.

My 2nd favourite highlight was the rewards for the year 7's, Kiarah got 3 certificates on that day, 1 was top academic in the year if i can remember, another was for english and the last one was for maths. The other people got student leaders of the school such as (Prefect, House captains and etc), my friend Roman got prefect.

My 3rd and last favourite highlight was all the people at home that watched the live and watched their children dance, that shows that their parents love them lots.

These were all my highlights of the day at prize giving, overall it was very fun.

Monday, 6 December 2021

Puberty/Attitude talk!

 Hello my name is chaun and today the all the boys in team 5 went in the hall for a puberty talk.
Here are some intersting facts i learnt during the lesson,

1. Boys will voice crack from time to time due to puberty and our adam's apple, it helps our voice get deeper
2. Puberty grows hair in these places (Face, Legs, Arms, Genetal areas.)  
3. Boys grow 20-25 cm in the first 2 years of puberty

The people who taught us were named Robbie and Charlie, they had a lot of puberty problems growing up, so they shared it out to all of us.


Tuesday, 30 November 2021

What i did today at school 30/11/21

 Hi my name is Chaun and today I did a lot of fun things. the first thing I did in my class was go on a google meet for the whole team, Miss Stone was alos on there, she had a baby, her name was Ruby Jane and she looked super cute. the next thing we did in our class was morning tea, I 2 vs 5'd my friends, (Me and roman vs Omid, Aaron, Rae Jae and Yunas), It was very fun, also me and Roman won.

The next thing we did was go outside, the other year 7's were there and we went into 4 teams each, I was put into green but then I got moved to red, one of my friends were in red (Aaron) and it was Red vs Green in basketball. All the girls in both teams didnt put in an effort, but the boys went as hard as they could, Red won by 1. Then we got moved onto the field and it was Red vs Green in Touch, i just hanged out with my friend on the green team (Witari), we keeped making jokes, it was funny. 

Red team won but I don't know the scores, the girls put in an effort and they were running as fast as they could, we didnt really celebrate because it's just a fair game, someone from the other team congratulated us (Bronson). So we went back in class for lunch, I had nothing but then it was 3v3 basketball with my friends (Me, Rongo and Omid vs Aaron, Rae jae and roman). We lost it sadly but then Me and Rongo had a 1 on 1, the bell rang straight away so we will continue tomorrow.

Friday, 26 November 2021

Possibilities on things


Hey my name is Chaun and today i did possibilities on certain things such as rolling a die, flipping a coin or spinning a wheel. it was very fun

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Area and perimeter

 Area and Perimeter 


Area is the number of square centimeter in the shape. 

We can work this out by multiplying the the sides. 

SxS= Area 


The area of this shapes is 6 cm2.


Perimeter is the distance around the outside of the shape we work this out by adding the sides together. 

S+S+S+S = Perimeter. 

2+3+2+3= 10 cm

The perimeter of this shape is 10cm. 

Find the area and perimeter of these shapes

What is the area? 30

What is the perimeter? 16

What is the area? 12

What is the perimeter? 28

What is the area? 8

What is the perimeter? 8

What is the area? 48

What is the perimeter? 14

Hello my name is Chaun and today i learnt about area and perimeter.

A-time series


Hi my name is Chaun and i did this task about Line graphs, it was very fun.