Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Mona Lisa story

One day as someone was walking around the louvre museum he saw something. It was the Mona Lisa painting that was gone so he called me to solve the case. I said “ayyy how it was in a bulletproof glass safe with one digit” then he said “exactly it was one digit and there are 24 letters” then i said “uhh fine i am coming”.

I made it there and there was news everywhere all around the entire world. Then I came and everyone started asking questions so I just went off and I was a detective so I said “hmm who took the picture” and there was a letter. It said “i’m definitely not in the Colosseum” then i just went there and i saw another letter it said “now i’m definitely not next to the leaning tower of Pisa.

So i went there and he was there and i captured him, the portrait flew up in the sky, he jumped and had butter fingers and he didn’t catch it. I caught him and he had to go to jail for 15 years and the painting was in a proof safe with a 15 digit code. Then i was on every channel on the TV then I was famous.

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