Monday, 31 August 2020

Chinese fill in the blanks

china presentation

china questions

China - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Where is China located?
a) Eastern Asia b) Eastern Africa
c) Eastern South America d) Eastern Europe

2) What is the official name of China?
a) The Kingdom of China b) The Republic of China
c)  The People’s China d) The People’s Republic of China 

3) What is the capital city of China?
a) Taiwan b) Beijing
c) Hong Kong d) Xiamen

4) What two things does China have?
a) World’s tallest mountain range & longest river b) World’s tallest mountain range and Asia’s longest river
c) Asia’s tallest mountain and longest river d) Asia’s tallest mountain range and world’s longest river

5) What fraction of the world’s population live in China?
a) 1/4 (quarter) b) 1/2 (half)
c) 1/5 (fifth) d) 1/10 (tenth)

6) How did China control their population size?
a) By sending people away to live in other countries
b) They can’t control it c) By controlling how many children were in each family

7) How many people live in a megacity?
 a) More than 5 million b) More than 10 million
c) More than 15 million d) More than 20 million

8) Who ruled China up until the year 1912?
a) A King b) An Emperor
c) A President d) A Queen

9) What else have you learned about China?
→ the president of china is xi jinping 

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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Ethiopia questions

Ethiopia - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Where in Africa is Ethiopia located?
a) East Africa b) South Africa
c) West Africa d) North Africa

2) Ethiopia is often referred to as what?
a) The heart of Africa b) The lion of Africa
c) The Horn of Africa d) The best country in Africa

3) What is the capital city of Ethiopia?
a) Bahir Dar b) Dire Dawa
c) Awassa d) Addis Abada

4) What is the castle in Ethiopia called?
a) Blue Nile Castle b) Omo Valley Castle
c) Gondar Castle d) Ethiopia Castle

5) Which country does not border Kenya
a) Somalia b) Kenya
c) South Sudan d) South Africa

6) What is considered to be the rarest species of animal in Ethiopia?
a) Ethiopean Wolf b) Mountain Nyala
c) Somali Wild Donkey d) Black Lion 

7) “The population of Ethiopia is 109 million.”
 a) True b) False

8) Which months are the rainy months in Ethiopia?
a) March to April b) July to September
c) June to August d) March to June

9) What does landlocked mean?
→ surrounded by land

10) What else have you learned about Ethiopia?
→ ethiopia actually has 109.2 million people 

Ethiopia facts

Friday, 21 August 2020

team name canada

fractions task

famous Canadian people questions

Famous People - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What Animal is pictured on the right?
a) Justin Beiber
b) Mr Goodwin

2) What is another name for Justin Beiber fans?
a) Losers b) Cool guys
c) Beliebers d) Miss Parrant

3) What movie has Ryan Reynolds been in?
a) Deadpool b) Deadpool 2
c) Both A&B d) None of the above

4) What is the Weekend’s real name?
→ abel makkonen tesfaye 

5) Hayden Christenson starred in which movies?
a) Star Wars b) Lord of the Rings
c) Harry Potter d) The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

6) Which character did Hayden Christenson play?
a) Anakin Skywalker b) Darth Vader
c) Trick Question d) I don’t know I don’t watch Star Wars

7) Marmots are the largest members of the:
a) Rat Family b) Squirrel Family
c) Mr Moran’s Family d) Pt England School Teachers Volleyball Team

8) What is Ellen Page’s birthday?
→ 21 of feb 1987

9) Which of these is not one of Ellen Page’s movies?
a) X-Men: Days of Future Past b) Whip it
c) Star Wars d) Inception

10) What is the name of CĂ©line Dion’s song featured in Titanic?

→ the singer on titanic who sings my heart will go on 

famous Canadians

Monday, 17 August 2020

canada presentation

Canada questions

Canada - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) The country Canada is massive, how big?
a) Largest in the world b)2nd largest in the world
c) 2nd largest in the world d) 4th largest in the world

2) Which of these was not used to describe Canada’s landscape?
a) Majestic mountains b) Forested valleys
c)  Beautiful blue rivers d) Red and white flag

3) The hilly region of lakes and swamps, stretches across northern Canada and has some of the
oldest rocks on Earth is called the:
a) Rocky Mountains b) Quebec
c) The Canadian Shield d) The dirty place

4) What is North of Canada?
a) The Antarctic b) The Arctic
c) Mexico d) United States of America

5) What are Native Canadians called?
a) Canadian Maori b) Canadian Islanders
c) First Nations People d) None of the above

6) When did settlers arrive in Canada?
a) 15th Century b) 16th Century
c) 17th Century d) 18th Century

7) Have the New Zealand Nurses been under the same pressure and workload as the nurses in
other parts of the world?
 a) Yes b) No

8) Where were the 2 Groups of Settlers from?
a) Britain and France b) Britain and Italy
c) Britain and New Zealand d) Britain and USA

9) What else have you learned about Canada?
→ capital is ottawa