Friday, 10 January 2020

hiking One Tree Hill

On Wednesday me my mum and my brother went hiking on One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie) we went there for my year 6 camp that's coming up when school starts so i waited and i played some Minecraft. And then we left, Meanwhile, we got to One Tree Hill there were not much parking we started walking we walked past the starting of the hiking but we didn't do it because there was a turned on electric wire going around the whole mountain. So we walked up the road way it was boring but my brother was on his own electric scooter then half way up i had a break when we were about to get to the top i noticed someone going on the hiking way so i said "when we come back we should go that way". Then we got up One Tree Hill to the big pointy bit and i think i found why people call it ST. Johns it's because someone died called John on that Mountain i took some photos on the mountain then i got bored. So we came back down the hiking way when we just came down we saw a dead tree that was burnt in the inside it was burnt 1992 i took a photo then a cow was smelling me, we got down to the electric fence. I just rolled under it then me my mum and my brother went back home