Thursday, 7 November 2019

me vs i task

5th most dangerous writing task

today room 10 did another dangerous writing challenge this was mine

One day i was just minding my own self until i saw something very very strange it was a never ending staircase i wonder what it would lead to so i went on it. It took me long to get up i started crawling half way in about 4 hours i would get up 4 hours later. I made it up there till i noticed it was the stairway to heaven so i made it to heaven it was so weird to be in heaven and not be dead. i started to look around i saw Micheal Jackson and some other dead people (iron man rip)
now i got board so i went back down the stairway i made it to the bottom. i went back up and saw other interesting stuff and other cool stuff so i started exploring it more so i went and i went to bring iron man back. he flew me down the stairs and it was fun then i told spider man nah just joking spider man was to busy fighting. so iron man flew right back up to heaven and saw some more interesting things so he went back. the end not real

it was cool because i added Micheal Jackson