Friday, 24 March 2017


On Monday room 14 started swimming I felt a little bit nervous  First the swimming coach did the roll and we could only say yes if we were swimming. Then we put our towels on the chairs and then we got in a line then we walked to the showers so we can get all the stuff off and we walked in them four at a time then when it finished we had to get out. Next we walked back to the pool then we got in it then we started our first lesson.After That we learnt how to get and we had to do it nicely for our first lesson we got our diving boards and we learnt something with it. Lastly we got out of the pool and we got our towels and lined up then we walked back to class then when we got back to class we went to get change then when we got outside we only had half of lunch time.Finally when the bell rang we went back to class.At the end I walked back home and had a shower then I started playing on the the tv until 9o cloack.

Friday, 10 March 2017

the picnic

Last friday Pt England School went to the hall so mr burt can talk about the places were we can go.first we went on bottom field then on the reserve across the park then we sat on the field.then when we got there i had some morning i went to the beach then i went to get change because the year 3 classes to swim  and when i went in it was freezing.