Monday, 24 February 2020

a million dollars at the mall

If I had a million Dollars at the Mall

Having a million dollars would be fun because I could buy anything I want, because there is a lot of stuff
at the mall and I have a million dollars.

Toy world:
The things I would buy at toy world would be a sonic plushie so my cat can rip it. I would get big Lego
boxes like the millennium falcon or the death star because star wars i really cool, i would also get a nerf
blaster or a fortnite nerf blaster so i can shoot people in the legs. I would get the mega nerf bullets
because they hurt really bad. I would really like a remote control vehicle and some long hot wheel tracks and some cars because i really like really fast cars.

JB Hifi
I would go to JB Hifi after toy world because there are all of the devices. I would get an iphone 11 pro
max because it is the strongest iphone and it has 3 cameras. I would get air pods because they're
wireless and they are cool. i would get a nintendo 3ds because it causes nausea and they’re 3d vision
and they have 2 screens.

Foot locker 
With 1 million dollars I would go to foot locker to get some cool air jordans and a pair of Gucci shoes.
Some Kobe Bryant shoes, cool yeezys, air max shoes.


This is all of the stuff i would by for a million dollars and i would go to the mall

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

hide and seek numbers

today i needed to learn about adding up numbers and subtracting numbers it was really easy and it was very fun.

make a number

i did a thing when you have to and we had to add half double and add more than ten

my number task

today i did a task when i needed to think of a number my number was 666 i don't know why i used this but this task was very fun. i needed to scribble, break up numbers, say in words, more and less numbers, blocks, money number lines, even or odd rounding and an image.