Thursday, 23 July 2020

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my dream pet

I would choose a panda from china because i would be safe and it is endangered so i would keep it safe. I would rub on it. I would teach it kung fu so he can fight predators who sneak up on him. 

I would cut down a bamboo tree and grow more at my house then 
he would be having unlimited food. I would change my house by 
making him a house in the backyard out of stuff. Then he will be very 

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Arch of Augustus real vs fake

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colosseum story

The Colosseum was new back then and that would be an arena for people and animals. There was a person who was a roman gladiator and he was famous and he was the strongest one there. There were people who had these tarps which would cover anyone from the sun or the rain. Sometimes the arena would be filled with water for naval battles in the arena.

A group of passengers went under the arena and made elevated things to lift up the animals and stuff but the roman gladiator was too strong he could fight a lion and win. Over a million animals died that time and half a million people watched. Then the Colosseum was decaying across the years and now it left up old broken and it is still famous

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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Perfect Mona Lisa

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Mona Lisa story

One day as someone was walking around the louvre museum he saw something. It was the Mona Lisa painting that was gone so he called me to solve the case. I said “ayyy how it was in a bulletproof glass safe with one digit” then he said “exactly it was one digit and there are 24 letters” then i said “uhh fine i am coming”.

I made it there and there was news everywhere all around the entire world. Then I came and everyone started asking questions so I just went off and I was a detective so I said “hmm who took the picture” and there was a letter. It said “i’m definitely not in the Colosseum” then i just went there and i saw another letter it said “now i’m definitely not next to the leaning tower of Pisa.

So i went there and he was there and i captured him, the portrait flew up in the sky, he jumped and had butter fingers and he didn’t catch it. I caught him and he had to go to jail for 15 years and the painting was in a proof safe with a 15 digit code. Then i was on every channel on the TV then I was famous.

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Monday, 20 July 2020

Italy real vs drawing design

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Italy story narrative

One day i wanted to visit the Colosseum and taste test on the pizza so i packed some stuff, also it was the Christmas 2 month holiday so yeah. I went on the plane and I got there. There were a lot of people there and I couldn't stand all those people so I went to look at the pizza first then go to the Colosseum and hopefully not many people would be there.

The pizza was very delicious and delightful and I wanted another one but some already took the last one probably because it was charming and yummy. Then I went to the Colosseum and there was no one there till I looked at an opening shop with the best pizza’s but I didn't want one. I had a camera and took a photo but as soon as I saw a no taking pictures sign I gasped louder than a car and saw a bunch of police cars.

The police crowd was enormous and humongous and they chased after me. Then I saw a police officer who was a police officer and I framed him to be the criminal and he went to jail then kept running. I had a flight so i could go back home to Auckland and be done with this and i did then i never went to Italy again.

I have another flight tomorrow somewhere cool!.

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Friday, 3 July 2020

blue whale design

perimeters 3

whales go back to it's habitat story

Start writing here:
One day I was thinking about something. I said “since blue whales always get captured where do people put it” so i wanted to find that one question out so i asked people who had fishing equipment because they obviously would catch something big.  Then the first person said “I know what they do, they capture them.

that's it” then i said “no after they capture it, next” the next person said “wow” that’s a hard question um i know”. Then i said next because he talked for way too long then another person came and he said “they KILL! Them”. so i said “wow, yeah that explains a lot actually” then i went on the news and said “let the whales back to the oceans”,

Then after like 5 hours I look outside and see people chanting “they’re  snacks so don’t put them back” and they repeatedly say it over and over. Then someone finally took a stand and said “they’re not snacks so put them back” then some other people started joining in. Then people started releasing the whales back to its natural habitat then they got saved all from me. 

Fun Fact (but weird): whales are made out of margarine

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Thursday, 2 July 2020

perimeters task 2

Great white shark design

perimeters task

shark story

Start writing here:
One day I wanted the privilege of touching a shark or touching a great white shark because it would be dangerous until something popped up on TV, it was a show of answering one question. The question was “which shark would you want to touch” then a call just came in the answer that he said was “hi is there anyway you could get me paint” so they said just leave. Next caller came and they said “angler fish” so the people said “that’s a fish not a shark” then it was my turn' and i said “GREAT WHITE SHARK!!” so then they said “and we have a winner come meet us at a random beach.

Then the next day i got ready and i found them waiting for me, “and here is the winner” the people said and they actually got a great white shark. But we were fearless and not scared but the shark was scared of us. I don't know why until I touched and he was not scared. He was hungry for fish so I gave him one and the shark started acting nice. Then and it all ended and i went back home with a shark tooth.

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