Tuesday, 26 June 2018

three paragraph story

yesterday i had to write three paragraphs on each slide one was gravity falls one was roger scoring a try on rugby league and the last one was people at dancing with the stars.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

other matariki story

matariki story

Once long ago in a beautiful valley there lived seven sister how were making kites for harvest. The first sister made a green kite from the harakeke bush. The second sister made a orange kite  raupo bush. The third sister made a pink kite from the manuka tree. The fourth sister made a red kite from the puriri tree. The fifth sister made a blue kite the color of the river. The sixth sister made a white kite from the toetoe bush. The seventh and smallest sister made a colourful kite. Her name was Matariki. The seven sister went to the top of a hill to fly the kites. Sadly,there was no wind so the sisters tied there kites to the puriri tree and they went to sleep. During the night the wind blew and the kites blew away. The sisters woke to the sound of crying-it was Matariki. Where is our kites!! As the sisters shouted. Up in the sky the kites flew among the stars. Oh no! Our kites are gone said the sisters. The sisters looked everywhere for there kites. The sister were so pleased to see their kites shining brighter than the stars. The end

Friday, 1 June 2018

zoo recount

First we went on the bus to the zoo and i played chop sticks with my friend Kris. we saw the sky
tower and half way i almost fell asleep but playing chop sticks made me awake. to see the penguins
and the seals and we went down somewhere else and we saw the seals in the water. then we saw
the alligators and i thought it was camouflage then i saw it on the grass and  then we had morning
tea. After that i finished morning tea and then we went to see birds. Nearly at the end we went to the
bug lab and it was a little scary and there were 4 scary houses hornets,giant wasps,scary flowers
that had something in it and i forgot the last house. Then we had lunch and walked around again.
finally we finished walking around and we went to the bus and went back to school and me and my
mum went home early because the teacher said we could go early.