Wednesday, 20 February 2019

my narattive

once upon a time there were 5 people called  durr burger, tomato head, drift, crack
shot and leviathan. They were just lying down suddenly durr burgers iPhone 8 was
ringing someone called john wick he was the prime minister and was coming to have
a feast. So durr burger made burgers and got drinks tomato head made a giant
pepperoni pizza drift set up songs. Crack shot backed cookies the leviathan cooked
fish there were snappers flounder and smoked was like it was thanksgiving
day  they cooked everything he said he will be there in one hour so they just played
on there devices. 1 hour later he was there he knocked on the door they answered it
as they saw him he was just a default skin. Later they saw a Lamborghini outside
their house john wick was there he went inside. There was chicken, steak, fish,
cookies and milk and cupcakes.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Thursday, 14 February 2019

being data detectives

learning about data

we learned about statistics aka investigation and DIMC's

my writing narritive

once upon a time in a place called fortnite there was some people called Renegade Raider,Skull Trooper,Crackshot and Ghoul Trooper. They were trapped on the island for months and they ran out of food. After they found a way to get more food they saw vines and a stick so they nodded it. They caught five flounder and two snappers they said it was yum and now they only have five snappers left. The next morning they found instructions of to make a plane called x4 storm wing they were so surprised. There was one bad thing there was no metal so they couldn't build it. Luckily a cruise boat came by it almost crashed into the island but it turned all  the metal that the cruise was holding fell out. Most of the parts that they needed were on the island they were shocked to see a giant boat. So they saw all the pieces that they needed  they said yes but renegade raider said “ guys where is the screwdriver”. They had to make one crack shots idea was to make it with bamboo sticks. Ghoul trooper said nothing and she was thinking and skull trooper was just looking around. The window on the cruise opened and all the tools fell out one of them swam to the tools. They found a Allen key a hammer, nails and a screwdriver they needed all of them. They found all the tools except one more the screws they built all of it they just need screws. Skull trooper double checked the water he found it so the x4 storming was built. They flew it back to the spawn is land they celebrated until they find other people they have guns and they kill them.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Monday, 11 February 2019

capitals and full stops

In December last year I went on a trip to Western Australia. It was the first
time i had been there since I was two years old. While I was there I had
many adventures and saw a lot of wildlife. I saw lizards, a range of birds,
frogs, kangaroo, snakes, fish, quokka and stingray.

One of the highlights of my trip was when i climbed 61 metres up a tree to a
fire lookout. There was an amazing view from the top i could see right over
the treetops and into the distance treetop. Lookouts like this one were once
used to keep an eye out for bush fires.

It was 44 degrees Celsius on the day i left Perth and there was a big bush
fire which had started a couple of hours down the road as a result. There
were thunderstorms rumbling around the city in the plane we flew near a
thunderstorm which was absolutely amazing.

After sitting on the plane for six and a half hours the plane landed in
Auckland we were told it was 21 degrees. This was 23 degrees colder than
in Perth i was cold.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

all about me

Kia ora. My name is Chaun. My year for school is year 5 and my teacher’s name is Miss
West. I enjoy playing fortnite while my brother is gone to the pools with his friends.
Sometimes i like going over to my friends’ house, Aaron and Salem. And that is all about

I would like it if you guys comment on my blog.        .