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thanos questions 2.0

Google Quiz

The Google Series – Google Origins and Company Background | Strategus

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) Where was Thanos born? 

Question 2) How old is Thanos?

Question 3) Who defeats Thanos in Endgame?
->Iron man

Question 4) Which hero does Thanos never meet? 
->rocket racoon

Question 5) Who is Thanos’ greatest enemy in the comics?
->the beyonder

Question 6) In Endgame, who sacrificed themselves so that Thanos and his army would no longer exist? 
->Iron man

Question 7) What is Thanos’ height and weight? 

->height is 6'7'' and weight is 985 lbs

thanos design task

infinity war story

as Thanos went to each planet taking each infinity stone he started off with thor and Loki
Thanos killed Loki. Because Loki refuses to give the tesseract (space stone) it was sad
because thor was watching then hulk came out of nowhere and beat him up. But thanos had
the space stone and he got stronger and stronger. 

Thanos already had the power stone so he was strong, he punched hulk down to earth which
stopped him from being hulk. Then some of Thanos S minions came down to earth to retrieve
the time stone from Dr strange one of the minions had powers to control anything. So he
controlled them to take the time stone they didn’t accomplish until they went back to their
ring spaceship which flew off.

Then they went to knowwhere where the reality stone is, he started to take the keeper of
the reality stone away. Thanos accomplished and he put Knowhere into fire with the reality
stone then they went on the spaceship. Meanwhile, back on earth vision was going somewhere
with scarlet witch until minions came to take the mind stone, then captain america came out
of nowhere.

The minions didn't win again but they hit the mind stone which affected vision and they
went back up. Then they took vision to wakanda, thanos took gamora to vormir to kill her
for the soul stone. They made it to the top then he yeeted her off then he retrieved the
soul stone, “two more left” he said in an evil voice.

Then they did a giant fight on titan and wakanda. The minions were on wakanda and Thanos
was on titan. Titan was Thanos S 'home so he used the reality stone to turn it into his real
home but he couldn’t. They fighted it was not as big as endgame but Thanos took the 2 last
stones and snapped everyone disappeared the only people left were Ironman, Captain
America, Rocket, Nebula, Captain marvel and other people.

To be continued…….


thanos questions

Thanos - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Where is Thanos from?
a) Whanganui b) The Moon
c) Titan d) Storm

2) What were the infinity stones supposed to do?
a) Decorate the Gauntlet b) Wipe half the universe
c) Destroy the Avengers d) Diamonds prepared for a wedding ring

3) What were Thanos’ daughters' names?
a) Gamora and Nebula b) Blossom and Bubbles
c) Amaya and Raven d) Black Widow and Catwoman

4) What else is Thanos known as?
a) Father b) Idol
c) Mr Goodwin d) Lord

5) Avengers and Thanos once worked as a team.
a) True b) False

6) Why did Thanos want to wipe out half of the universe? 
a) so he could be the strongest alive. b) people would always bow down to him.
c) bring stability to the universes’ resources. d) so he could live forever.

7) Between what years was Thanos said to be born?
a) 1013 - 1018 b) 2018 - 2023
c) 1990 - 1996 d) 1111 - 1114

8) Team Avengers or Team Thanos - which team would you choose?
a) Avengers b) Thanos

9) How did Thanos die?
 -> iron man snaps the gauntlet his size which wipes out all the villain and he dies to :(

10) Explain Thanos’ main objective and what he needed to do:

 -> to wipe out the universe

thanos facts

Thursday, 28 May 2020

questoins 2.0

Google QuizThe Google Series – Google Origins and Company Background | Strategus

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) Who wrote the book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians?
->dodie smith

Question 2) What company created the movie, 101 Dalmatians?
->walt disney productions

Question 3) Who is the voice of Cruella de Vil in the 1961 movie, 101 Dalmatians?
->betty lou gerson

Question 4) How does Cruella de Vil know the owner of the Dalmatian puppies?
->she spies on the puppies and the owner 

Question 5) When was the book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians written?

Question 6) What colour is Cruella de Vil’s car in the animated movie?

cruella de vil car creations

math hard task GOLD

the reason cruella de vil is not very evil

Cruella de Vil is the most horrible villain of all time.
FALSE     thanos is

Do you agree or disagree with the statement above? Highlight the argument
you want to take.

Cruella de Vil is / is not the most horrible villain of all time
Reasons for your argument:
  • Think about how she treats people and animals. What could you say about this?
  • Think about her ‘friends’, Jasper and Horace. What do they think about her?

Your reasons:

Bronze medal 2 paragraphs
Silver medal = 3 paragraphs
Gold medal = 5 paragraphs

Start Writing below

I think she is not the most evil villain. Just because she kidnaps animals
doesn't mean she is very evil. What about human life? Thanos is evil. He can
snap human life.

And she is horrible so much she can break a mirror and it is bad luck if you
break a mirror. And all of that is bad but not as bad as thanos. And that is why
cruella de vil is not that evil comment if you agree. But she is so ugly all these
words horrible, hideous, disgraceful, backstabbing, bucktoothed, corrupted,
slimy, polluted, worthless stains.

cruella de vil questions

Cruella de Vil - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who wrote the original book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians?
a) Dorothy Smith b) Donald Sanson 
c) Dodie Smith d) Dodie Sanson

2) When was this book written?
a) 2000 b) 1850
c) 1961 d) 1956

3) How could you describe the first 101 Dalmatians movie?
a) Animated b) Live-action

4) Why did Cruella de Vil want the Dalmatian puppies so much?
a) She wanted lots of puppies to make her life more interesting b) She wanted company
c) She wanted to make a fur coat d) She wanted to win a world record

5) What are the names of Cruella de Vil’s accomplices?
a) Jasper and Henry b) Jasper and Horace
c) Wallace and Gromet d) Tweety and Sylvester

6) Who did Cruella steal puppies from?
a) Anita Dearly b) Anita Darling
c) Anita Lovely c) Anita Caring

7) What two characteristics are mentioned in the song lyrics about Cruella de Vil??
a) Her hair and her finger nails b) Her eyes and her nose
c) Her lips and her stare d) Her teeth and her eye brows

8) Who should beware of Cruella de Vil, as mentioned in the song?
 a) Children b) Puppies
c) The Prime Minister d) Mr Goodwin

9) Would you like to come face to face with Cruella de Vil? Why or why not?

No because if i brang a mirror it would break