Wednesday, 31 October 2018

tesillations math

Use this site to create your own fun tessellation.
Use the examples to help you
Insert a screenshot of your finished tessellation in the box below.

Friday, 26 October 2018


Find the area and perimeter of these shapes

What is the area? 15

What is the perimeter? 16
What is the area? 12

What is the perimeter? 14
What is the area? 4

What is the perimeter? 8
What is the area? 10

What is the perimeter? 14

fortnite reading

Should kids under 12 be allowed to play Fortnite?

Claim your position (make sure this is in a sentence):
Kids should not play this idiotic game because epic games might add in blood from the gun
and little people under twelve shouldn’t be seeing these guns (rocket launchers, minigun
, rifles, snipers, shotguns, smg)

State your reasons why you think they should, include evidence: to make the parents stop
their kids playing fortnite.

State your reasons why you think they shouldn’t, include evidence: It's the parent's fault
, they should be setting rules for their children. why are they blaming the game?
the creators can't help if their game is good, it's their job. but seriously,
parents should be enforcing rules on their kids, rather than complaining to the

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


on a blazing hot Tuesday the block went outside on the court to do something fun. This something was that we had to skip with skipping ropes it was so fun we even got points one person from each group was like a calculator. They calculate the points that our three amazing teachers give us we lined up in our four house lines but our house line went towards our class to do our skipping. Meanwhile we were done doing our skipping on that side because we had rotations but only two. Three minutes later we had a competition to pick two people 1 boy 1 girl to do relays at doing skipping and they played against each other. Our team cheered the loudest then we got 100 points and we walked back the best so then we got 140 points but i forgot what points the other 3 groups got.

Friday, 19 October 2018

the run

on Thursday afternoon the block went outside on the field to run. First we had to sit down in our team lines there were four of them. the race started we had to run to the park but not on it. we ran around to teachers the first one you still have to run and the second one you have to walk because it was line by line. but before Bronson demonstrated by showing us what to do i came second. then we did relays suddenly no one demonstrated so i didn't no what to do but someone told me what to do and i started to get the hang of it and then i came third

Thursday, 18 October 2018

rotational symmetry


i think we shouldn't move to mars because we don't have water AKA h2o on mars even if we tried to bring water it will float away

my mihi

Hi my name is chaun all i’m going to talk about is my mihi and what is the stuff that’s important to me.
All subjects (maths,writing,reading) are all important to me because i can learn different and interesting
stuff. My family is special to me because i have people to look after me at my house and people to love
me. Church is my favourite because i like reading the bible and i like reading at home.