Thursday, 25 February 2021

Lunch with Jacinda Ardern

Today in school Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister) came and we were very excited to see her. we practiced our singing we first did He Honore, after that we saw a car turning into the driveway she has arrived everyone was excited. then we started singing Ko Te Whaea as she walked in with some other people, one of them were an old friend of Mr Burt.

So we started with the karakia so we said it then someone said the mihi then we sang a song it was He Honore we finished the song. after that the Prime Minister was talking about how happy she was to see us room 21 was there as well because they sent the Prime Minister a video about how good the school lunch was. then we sang Te Aroha it was her favourite song so we sang it to her. 

after the song we went into our classes for lunch todays lunch was terriyaki chicken and she came to our class first. then she handed out the lunch to all of us and then we ate it all. finally we went outside and everyone was swarming her.

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  1. Kia ora Chaun,
    Thank you for your blog about meeting the Prime Minister of Aotearoa Jacinda Ardern. You were very detailed in what your class did and making sure she had a fabulous visit. I really like that song Ko Te Whaea and I am sure Ms Ardern felt special when your class was singing it to her. I look forward to reading more of the great things happening in school. Great job. Nan