Tuesday, 3 November 2020

tongan art form questions

 Tongan Art Forms: 

Highlight the correct answers

Ta’ovala (mat weaving):

1. Which of the following is not a way that mat weaving is used for?

a) bedding b) weddings

c) shoe holder d) flooring

2. What do mats signify?

a) love b) respect

c) health d) social status

3. What is the tongan word for ‘mat weaving’?

a) kiekie b) ta’ovala

c) ngatu d) kava

Ngatu Tonga (tapa cloth):

4. From what tree is the bark used to make tapa from?

a) Paper Mulberry b) Wood Blueberry

c) Bone Strawberry d) Card Raspberry

5. The women design the tapa using what?

→natural dyes and pigments

6. Where do the patterns on ngatu come from?

→from nature

Wood and bone carvings: 

7. Why is wood carving important to Tongan culture?

→because it makes a lot of tongan things

8. What are 3 different things that are carved out of bone?

→weapons, log drums and fishing hooks

9. Were whale bones hard to find for carving? If so, why?

→yes and they are hard because they don’t want to danger the extinction species 

10. Name 3 different things that are carved out of wood.

→bowls, kava bowls and paddles from canoes.

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