Monday, 2 November 2020

tongan history questions

 Tongan History: 

Highlight the correct answers

About Tonga:

1. How many islands are said to be on Tonga?

a) 168 b) 169

c) 170 d) 171

2. Which of the following are not a group that Tonga was split into?

a) Vava’u b) Nuku’alofa

c) Ha’apai d) Tongatapu

3. What 2 languages are spoken in Tonga?

a) Tongan & English b) Tongan & Samoan

c) Tongan & German d) Tongan & Polynesian

Tongan History:

4. Where did the Polynesians settle 3000 years ago?

a) Nuku’alofa b) Ha’apai

c) Vava’u d) Tongatapu

5. Who brought the Tongans together to become one?

a) Queen Elizabeth b) King George V

c) Tāufa’āhau d) PM Pohiva

6. True or False: Tonga is the only country in the pacific to not give up their own government?

a) True b) False

Mat Weaving: 

7. What is used to weave the mats?

a) Modern technology b) Old Technology

c) Hands d) Broken down cars

8. What are mats worn around the waist called?

a) lavalava b) ta’ovala

c) ie d) mat

9. True or false: Woven mats passed down through generations symbolizes pride?

a) True b) False

10. How can you identify where people are from in Tonga?

→by the look of your ta’ovala and kiekie

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