Wednesday, 12 December 2018

drone writing

At 11:40 after morning tea some of the people from the block went outside with
Mr Moran to film his last movie for something. he needed some year 4 kids from
our class he took us outside the fun part about us doing that was flying a drone.
as people from our class was flying it they thought it was like them being a pilot
the drone was flying like superman as the people were controlling the drone.
Everyone had so  much fun Mr Moran almost finished the filming. He just needed
to tell everyone the controls there was a left and right joystick it’s just like using a
Xbox or Ps4 controller. G.P.S stands for Global Positioning System it’s like a
tracker that tracks any place. Your car has a G.P.S your phone has a G.P.S and
your drone has a G.P.S a drone is always humming while it’s flying it is very
annoying when you fly it inside. The drone was soaring as it was flying not
everyone got a turn on it and that is including me i didn’t get a turn on the drone.
And that was everything i did for after morning tea it was all fun except not flying a
drone but at least i raced it.

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  1. Hi Chaun,

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