Monday, 3 August 2020

Belgium story

Dear Diary, as I packed my stuff to go to Belgium I realised something. I forgot my dog so then i called someone who had money to come to Belgium and brought the dog. His name was cat and cat really liked dog biscuits because they were meant for dogs. Cat was here and he saw pizza so i wen't and got a pizza for me and cat Then i went to sleep.

I woke up the next day and fed the dog and outside I saw a lot of people so I ran out and saw more than 100 people. because there was a new shop opening it didn’t look too cool so i went to walk the dog around the block until i saw even more people. this shop was actually good because it had the best pizza in Belgium

The next day I was thinking of going to Luxembourg and Brussels because it was famous places mostly because Brussels was the capital city . I went to Brussels last because it is the capital of Belgium. So i went to Luxembourg. It wasn't that amazing until I went to Brussels. It was better than Luxembourg.

The next place i want to go to is america. Because it has all the famous people. And that would be cool to meet them in person.

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