Wednesday, 26 May 2021

madagascar information report

 In Madagascar they have lots of food,    mostly rice because rice is their popular food. They like many different foods like jackfruit and koba. They have a saying like this: the wise will pretend to be full but the foolish will stuff your face.

The animals are scary and there are more than 1000 species in madagascar and they are endemic and aye aye’s have long middle fingers. Lemurs live in madagascar like the lemur on madagascar the movie. Also geckos and lizards live in madagascar and they turn red when you touch it and chameleons turn red as well.

Most of the country's population lives in the east and most of them love to eat rice. Madagascar is the fourth largest island and it is almost bigger than texas. There is a language in madagascar called malagasy and the words are very long.  

That is all the facts about Madagascar. And the people, food and animals are very cool. 

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