Thursday, 26 October 2017

playing recorders

First when the the two bells rang I headed back to class and then my teacher did the roll. After the roll we did the karakia, the mihi and a song. Then the teacher went to get a bucket of recorders and gave them all to everyone in my class.

Next we all got a recorder and had a turn at blowing it there were five notes and the recorders was as loud as a broken speaker. Eventually we went to the mat and waited a little bit. Until Then we had to get a partner.

After that we got a partner and that partner was           Jermaine and we went to a table. Looked at two                       notes and those two notes were C and D. Just Then we sat down on the mat and waited for the next thing.

Finally we marched to the sink group by group, as we marched there we had to blow one of the notes. Then we put the recorder that we had in the sink to get washed. At the end we went back to the mat and did everything for today.

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