Friday, 10 February 2017

Jack finds a friend

Once upon a time there lived a lonely robot named Jack he was walking in a junk yard.He was searching for a friend.Then he created a new friend and he put a smile as black tape then he felt sad because the smile almost came of then he walked again then he found another helpful friend.jack and the girl matched.

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  1. Morena Chaun,
    I enjoyed watching the video clip, Jack, on your class blog. It's great to read your version of the story. You are right, Jack did appear to be a very lonely robot. I thought he was on to something when he started to create his new friend but it didn't quite turn out as I expected. It was great when he did meet another real friend and they could hold hands together. I am very impressed with your Pixlr artwork. Your picture alone made me want to read your story. Keep up the great work!