Friday, 22 September 2017


The rocket ship has a chip in the centre and a fan on the bottom of the space ship. My rocket is faster than ussain bolt. The body is like a blue beehive and the top of it is shiny but it doesn't look like gold and my bottom of it is green. There are some circles by the top.

I marched towards the rocket ship and I felt nervous and a little bit lucky because it was my first time in a spaceship.The rocket was as massive as the sky tower. I needed to go up ladders to the top. Then when I got to the top I pressed the button then 3 2 1 blastoff the spaceship went way in outer space and I always wanted to go in space.

Finally I got to outer space and I flew to the largest planet in our solar system Jupiter but I flew to the great red spot and I saw a raging storm! So I flew to another planet to very hot Venus and I found out that it was too hot for anyone so I flew to Uranus and it was cold so I flew to the 27 moons that Uranus has. Then I took a flight to mars the red planet but first I flew to the 2 moons in mars Phobos and Deimos then he flew into mars and it had deserts but there was no water. After that I flew to earth’s moon but it was going to explode so I flew to Pluto and it was far away so I flew back to earth.

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  1. great use of words and I love your rocket ship because it has a lot of detail.