Thursday, 19 October 2017

musical madness

First  we waited for the two bells to ring. Then when they both rang and we made a straight line. Just then we went marching down the corridor past the classes and into the hall. Then we sat down and I felt happy and a little nervous.

Next when we arrived in the hall we sat down for the immersion assembly. Until then they sang the musical madness song. Then it was team 1 was on and they played snap, they were learning about how they feel like in songs.

After That team 2 was on and one of the teachers had a little guitar and the guitar was as little as a chromebook and she sang in the jungle. In the mean time team 3 was up and In that movie we learnt about making up stories but with songs.

After a while team 4 was up and in their video they had a karaoke battle while they driv to school when they arrived at school and they parked right by Mr J and then as they sang the song they looked at Mr J and he put on a song in his van.

Finally it was team 5 got a couch and pretended to be a family and three teachers were adopted and the whole family and they got some popcorn and opened it up, until then they got a cup each and Mr Wiseman put popcorn in each cup and they all watched the first part of the lion king and there were different songs on it. At the end we went back to class.

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